The Pyramids of the Rosy Cross

I spent about a month researching our local cult, a band of people up in the woods who dress in medieval-looking robes and perform strange rituals at night. Turns out they’re a church of Rosicrucians, a Christian mystical sect started in Europe in the 1100s with the Knights Templar, and brought to the New World by German immigrants. A band of them have set up shop right in my backyard! Their church and grounds are hidden back in the woods, and have a lot of beautiful, if bizarre, buildings on the grounds: a grey stone pagoda, a tiled pyramid that may be a tomb for a founding member, and a utility shed with a giant lightning rod.

They have a huge, white Greco-Roman temple way back in the woods. I and others have visited the temple a few times. At the summer solstice, they stand around the pyramids in ceremonial robes and chant loudly. I have seen this, and was subsequently chased away by these people. They are strange and unfriendly, but not really dangerous.  –Amy McCormick

Weird Pennsylvania

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